Frequently Asked Questions

What type of artwork do I need to supply?

We accept .svg .ai .eps .cdr formats. These should be to scale, pure vector (i.e. no embedded bitmaps), with all fonts converted to outline. We can also accept Corel Draw files with the same characteristics. In some instances very high resolution bitmaps (=>600dpi), in Tiff, or PSD format. Mono (Black and White). We will create the diffractive detail. But of course you can give us information on how you would like it to look and we will produce this for you at no additional cost.

What does 200 sheets equate to?

Sheets are approximately 160mm x 160mm. Please use the following as a guide. We can of course make any size up to 90mm x 90mm AT NO ADDITIONAL COST

(1) 36 pcs per sheet.............. 25mm*25mm
(2) 49 pcs per sheet.............. 20mm*20mm
(3) 64 pcs per sheet.............. 18mm*18mm
(4) 90 pcs per sheet.............. 15mm*15mm
(5) 196 pcs per sheet............. 10mm*10mm
(6) 35 pcs per sheet.............. 30mm*20mm
(7) 98 pcs per sheet.............. 20mm*10mm
(8) 40 pcs per sheet.............. 30mm*18mm
(9) 140 pcs per sheet............. 15mm*10mm
(10) 9 pcs per sheet............... 50mm*50mm

Can you make special shapes?

Yes, but this will involves additional costs for a die cutter, P.O. A. You should also try to avoid images that follow the contour of the label, for example a circular label where the image has areas that follow the outline path of the label (i.e. circle in circle). It is ok to use this type of artwork, but there will be a production tolerance of up to 1.5 to 2mm, so you should be prepared to accept a certain percentage of holograms that are not central in the final cut label.

How thick are the labels / stickers?

They are 25 microns thick, they can be supplied with permanent or removable adhesive and you have a choice of non-tamper evident or tamper evident (once stuck, if removed the hologram and adhesive will be destroyed and randomly left behind making it impossible to transfer or copy it).

Do you offer colours other than Silver?

Yes, we can also offer Gold and Transparent.

Do I get proof?

You will get an Adobe PDF or other digital visual of your hologram prior to production. It is not economically viable to make a true hologram proof. However, if this is essential, we can quote you for a proof separately.

What is the lead time?

From start to finish, typically around 15 to 20 working days.

Can I have them with sequential /serial numbers?

Yes, we can reverse laser etch them, this makes them extra secure and provides a small transparent number on the label without detracting from the hologram. Please ask us for a quotation.

Can I have them on rolls?

Yes, but only for large volume orders. Please contact us for further information.

How secure are they?

They are very secure. It is almost impossible to replicate a hologram of any type accurately, as it is not a printing process. Different manufacturers employ different techniques. We only keep the master original hologram. Any artwork provided by you, or created by us is destroyed. We can add additional security features P.O.A. However the most overlooked measure is awareness. You and anyone coming into legitimate contact and handling of your hologram, should become very familiar with its' distinctive features. Should a good attempt be made to copy your hologram, we will design and recreate an new on for you at no cost.

I only need a very small amount, do you offer any stock holograms?

Yes. Please click here to buy stock hologram labels.

Can you send us any samples?

Of course. Please contact us with your address details and contact name, and we'll get them out to you asap!

How can we order and pay?

Please contact us first with your requirement. We will then ask to see your artwork design. Subject to our evaluation and approval, we will then issue a pro-forma invoice. Next we provide a visual digital bitmap proof for your approval. Upon your acceptance, we will then require payment prior to commencement of production. 3DZ reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone and will not attempt or try to replicate any existing holographic image.

When we place a repeat order, does the price drop?

Of course. Repeat orders will be minus the Hologram origination cost, and quoted on a sheet quantity basis. Lead-time will also come down to approximately 15 working days. Please contact us now for more information or a quotation.

Do you have a question that we didn't list?

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