As a startup company begins to deliver goods and services it faces a different set of challenge from what it faced pre-launch. The FastForward program helps the founder down that path to success by providing the executive with the coaching and advising necessary to grow the company. New executives often need help in seeking growth funding, hiring, increasing sales, implementing processes, and so many more challenges. FastForward coaches are entrepreneurs who have launched and grown companies and who share their personal experiences and knowledge with the client.

Admission Criteria

  • Founder must own, have licensed, or be working on proprietary technology or some technology or process with a high barrier to entry.

  • Founder and TechFW must mutually agree that there is an alignment between the company’s needs and TechFW capabilities.

  • Company must be shipping product/service OR if in a regulated industry that requires trials, must be in trials.

  • Company must have less than $5 million in sales.

  • Payment of program fee of $6,000 per year (payable quarterly).

  • Sign the client engagement agreement which includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Program Delivery Method and Client Benefits

  • One-on-one meetings as needed not to exceed 40 hours per quarter.

  • Introductions to potential mentors, advisors, and collaborators.

  • Introductions to potential early adopters in the private sector.

  • Collaborations with R&D and marketing partners.

  • Business funding methods (SBIR Grants, SBDC, Cowtown Angels, ATAN).

  • Skills training to engage potential stakeholders (i.e. pitch coaching for investors, early adopters, etc.)

  • Weekly Office Hours with professional services partners (attorneys, CPAs, etc.)

  • Free use of TechFW facilities (conference rooms, open work space, etc.) as available.

  • Client can lease offices from TechFW.

  • Utilizes the tools and principles adopted from the GrowthWheel, Business Model Canvas, and Lean Startup.

  • Program length is ongoing.