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June 23, 2023

Before hitting the capital raising trail, hone your storytelling abilities to stand out.

To equip and educate local entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to compete nationally on their campaign trail to raise capital for their startups

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From verbal storytelling to visual design to confident and composed Q&A sessions, founders will walk through the first words to the final thank you. Join fellow entrepreneurs in a full-day workshop packed with tips, insights, practice, and feedback to prepare you for building and delivering the strongest pitch and Q&A with investors.

+ How to be best prepared for the “stage” by effectively communicating your story

+ Fine-tune and punch up plans by exposing gaps

+ The benefits of being prepared for every possible next step by having a well-organized deal room

+ How to clearly articulate the deal terms and speak the language of angel investor

+ What to highlight in your materials to check as many boxes for screening committees and reviewers

+ Mature ways of accepting “no”



+ Verbal & Visual Storytelling Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Focus on verbal communication skills, and understanding the key elements of powerful storytelling. Learn the art of visualization as an essential aspect of pitch decks. Workshop-style lessons, with the ability to demonstrate with one another and give real-time feedback to learn how to convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner for winning pitch.

+ Entrepreneurs Panel

A panel discussion, founder to founder, on the experience of raising capital from entrepreneurs with experience in pre-seed, Series A, and Series B capital raise rounds. 

+ Investor Advising

Companies with be paired with  Cowtown Angels investors to review their pitch deck, ask questions, and get direct feedback from the perspective of an angel investor

+ Pitch Competition Practice


  • Pitch Camp culminates in a head-to-head pitch competition with each company presenting a 3-minute verbal pitch with live Q&A with judges from the entrepreneurship community.

  • After learning new storytelling skills throughout the day, put your skills to the test in an experiential learning exercise. 

  • During judging deliberation, investors will be available for Angel Ask Me Anything during a networking happy hour. 

Get ready to pitch perfectly. 

Admission Criteria


Founders must be actively raising capital or looking to start raising capital within the next 12 months.


Founders must have an initial pitch deck developed when coming to the workshop.


Founder must agree to attend full day workshop lasting from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday, June 23rd. 


Founder must pay workshop fee which includes attendance for up to 2 co-founders to attend Pitch Camp.

"Their perspective and advice are worth a million bucks or, in my experience, $10,000 — the amount of prize money that I won after consulting with the TechFW team. To say that their insights are winning material is an understatement. They were entirely receptive to my ideas, but not without challenging me in a needed and life-changing way. They helped me elevate my pitch so that I could win a local competition, yes, but even more impactful was how their feedback showed me what my small business truly needed to scale.”

Lauren Kutschke

Founder of Salted Pages
Winner of the 2022 Fort Worth Business Plan Competition

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