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Their mission is to improve diagnostic ability. They think diagnostic training should be an integral part of medical education, from the first year of medical school through practice. NBME and NBOME seem to agree—80% of test items require a correct diagnosis to answer the question. Sadly, misdiagnosis continues to plague medicine. At best, students may be walked through only a few dozen individual cases in class before their third year, delaying individual diagnostic practice until residency.

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Ampcare develops therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulation technologies and is proud to offer the FDA-cleared Ampcare Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™). Ampcare’s ESP provides clinicians a new alternative for treating patients who suffer from swallowing difficulties, also known as dysphagia. We are committed to delivering positive patient outcomes and innovative products specially designed to meet the needs of both the patient and medical professional.

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Exact Diagnostics

Exact Diagnostics is a leader in developing and manufacturing a broad range of innovative diagnostics products designed to meet the quality control needs of molecular clinical labs and assay manufacturers. By providing quality products and services to laboratories and manufacturers, Exact Diagnostics aims to enhance patient care by ensuring the validity of diagnostic and screening tests results. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Aeroblaze Laboratory

Aeroblaze Laboratory is an FAA-registered independent test laboratory specializing in flammability testing for aerospace materials. We strive to provide the highest quality testing and service as evidenced by our accreditation to the international quality standards of ISO/IEC 17025 (view certificate). We currently offer Bunsen burner (vertical, horizontal, etc.), various oil burn, and other aerospace flammability tests. Additional tests are being added regularly, and any test we don’t currently offer in-house can be done at one of our partner labs. 

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AyuVis Research, Inc. is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel multifunctional small molecules that boost the body’s natural ability to fight disorders associated with inflammation, immunomodulation, and microbial infection.

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Eosera is a majority woman-owned biotechnology company specializing in ear care products and empowering fierce women (sassy snap). We are based in Fort Worth, Texas and proudly manufacture all seven of our products in-house; those products include EARWAX MD®, EARWAX MD® Kids, EAR PAIN MD™, EAR PAIN MD™ Kids, EAR ITCH MD™, EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME®, WAX BLASTER MD®, and EARWAX PET Ear Cleaner for Dogs™. Eosera also practices Conscious Capitalism, a philosophy with a central principle that companies should do more for their customers, investors, employees, and the environment than make money. Our mission at Eosera is healing humans and we value people over profits any day of the week.

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Designplex Biomedical

We have more than 20 years experience in taking Class 3 medical devices from concept to clinical and commercial products. We provide mechanical design, electronics design, systems integration, and manufacturing to help you bring your product to market on time for your patients.

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Clarity Chair

Clarity Chair is a groundbreaking new therapy with results so dramatic, you’ll want to know more.It uses today’s technology to target the underlying issue of most brain function problems, the sensory system, an often overlooked issue that is at the core of many problems.

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Founded in 2011, we have served many midmarket customers. In that process, we realized that many fail to create right valuation in the tech play department because of their inability to create solutions using right technologies, advanced analytics and tighter application & data security. Our mission became to help these clients increase their tech play valuation by building modern enterprise grade custom apps for them, using specific AI services, and blockchain-powered solutions.

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Cx Precision Medicine

The Cx opportunity arises from a dilemma. In human clinical testing, many potential Alzheimer’s Disease treatments help a fraction of the treated population while another fraction of the treated population experiences a worsened clinical condition in apparent response to the treatment. Therefore, a number of possible new therapeutic treatments fail to pass clinical trials. The Cx promise is to identify those patients who can benefit from the medication and the fraction who would be harmed, thereby providing both a path to drug approval and companion diagnostic prescribing guidance for clinicians.

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Hunch DX

HunchDx is a technology-based startup company backed by a strong intellectual property protection position. We bring innovations to procure cell-free nucleic acids from biofluids. Genetic alterations found from cell-free nucleic acids in biofluids are extremely rare. Identify genetic changes in a large pool of normal nucleic acids sequences is like finding a needle in a haystack; it requires high sensitivity and specificity. Current approaches are cumbersome, costly and time-consuming.

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Galaxy Unmanned Systems

Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC is made of a core group of industry professionals that have worked their way up first through the commercial side of the UAS industry and then the DoD side. This anomaly provides for a well-balanced experience and skill matrix that includes many of the fundamentals necessary to innovate and facilitate most unmanned systems applications. Those include; concept, design, manufacturing, certification, testing, payload configuration, subsystem integration, documentation, training and operations. These assertions are backed by a cumulative 40+ years of hands-on industry experience with VTOL, fixed wing, rotary wing and RPAs, RPVs, UAV’s, sUAS/UAS and LTA systems.

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To meet the International need for cost-effective, low power wireless M2M data communications, Myconi incorporates the license-free IEEE 802.15.4 standard and has developed a proprietary peer-to-peer mesh networking solution to transmit sensor data from monitoring devices to an Internet-based IoT platform, and provides a more efficient communication service for digital sensor data.



We are an over-the-counter consumer healthcare company, founded by seasoned experts with knowledge from the pharmaceutical, consumer health, and cosmetic industries. We bring a depth of expertise to develop new and better products that are safer, more effective and life-changing. Our products are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards and we only use the best ingredients. They are scientifically tested and proven. The result is nothing but the best- and that is something we are proud of to put our names on.

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Revitalize Charging Solutions is an electric-car charging company. We help you get there. You choose your destination, we'll make it happen. Our goal is to make sure our customers go anywhere they want, no limits, no restrictions. We are the future of transportation. We are always looking ahead and moving forward.

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Barricade Therapeautics

Barricade Therapeutics, Corp. is a privately-held biotech company based in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX. Barricade was founded based on the discovery and advancement of novel first-in-class small molecules, by integrating complex molecule synthesis, chemistry, and molecular pharmacology with targeted therapeutic approaches in cancer biology. The company is focused on the development of uniquely innovative targeted drugs for the treatment of patients with cancer.

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Tremedics was started with the goal of providing engineering services to industry. Regardless of the project, our engineering and project management teams are here to help you reach your objectives.

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Nanoscope Technologies

Nanoscope Technologies was founded in 2009 with an objective to develop new methods and devices for scientific, industrial and biomedical applications. Nanoscope has developed a range of biomedical technologies which include diagnostics and therapeutic devices and molecules. These have already generated interest from several clinicians, industries and leaders. We strive to translate the technology to market and bedside.



MOOV created a way to make sure parent don't forget anything when they leave the house. The Tyke Traveler converts from a diaper bag backpack to a diaper bag tote for easy traveling and range of movement. No longer do you have to worry about lugging eight different carryalls, since our all-in-one system gives you a place for everything. Sling it over your arm or strap it on your shoulder, and you'll have plenty of room to carry babies or car seats and hold less-than-savory rags at arm’s length.

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SmartCounseling.com was born out of the desire to remove the barriers to mental health therapy for people living with anxiety, stress or other mental health challenges that negatively affect their health, careers, finances, relationships and overall quality of life yet do not receive the help they need.

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Legacy of Love

The Legacy of Love app allows you to document family memories with photos, journal entries, voice memos and videos. You can address each entry to your kids, spouse or extended family and compile decades of love just for them. And my personal favorite part is that you can see your kids growing up by the chronological milestones in their life. The app organizes everything for you and stores it safely.

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Source Explorer

Some people think “Life Sciences” and picture hot pharma reps. At SOURCE EXPLORER, we think EFFICIENCY is sexy. Lab coats aren’t bad either. We’re here to give you everything you want, in one place, all day, every day, FAST. Like, faster than your CEO’s fancy new car. We promise to keep an eye out for the stuff you don’t have time to curate for yourself.

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At SolGro Inc. we’ve created a patented greenhouse canopy system that embeds advanced nano-materials into greenhouse glazing to convert wasted sunlight into usable light for increased plant photosynthesis. By converting natural sunlight into the red and blue spectrum our material has helped farmers decrease harvest time, increase crop yields and improve the overall quality of their produce.

TechFW Graduates

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Abexxa Biologics Inc.

Abexxa Biologics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing breakthrough antibody-based drugs designed to revolutionize cancer treatments by providing highly effective targeted therapies. The foundation of the company’s technology is based on more than 25 years of experience researching and developing novel immunotherapies.

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Dynotfit, Inc.

At Dynofit, we believe patient engagement is a crucial element in recovery and rehab, and compliance with a physical therapist’s recommendations strongly influences success or failure on the path to healthy recovery.  To provide patients and their therapists real, measured information on muscle activity and progress, we’ve developed the Flexdot™ system.  Using our unique wearable sensor with applications that run on your smartphone or tablet measure and store information about the exercises completed in the clinic or at home, with engaging applications and games that show real, measured results.

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MedHab is a device company specializing in the development and delivery of wearable devices employing remote technology. Established in 2008, Medhab has developed three wearable products specific to three individual markets, including health care, wellness, and sports performance. Our technology is easy to use and has three components: range of motion, weight/pressure/gait sensing, and simplified wireless, user interface technology. The devices consist of motion-sensing chips and utilize state-of-the-art microcontroller technology to monitor and objectively quantify the motion of the patient or athlete.


Resonant Sensors

Resonant Sensors Incorporated (RSI) was founded 2004. The innovative sensor technology that is core to all RSI products applies proprietary guided-mode resonance (GMR) sensing methods invented by RSI founders (Debra Wawro Weidanz, CEO and Chief Scientist and Dr. Robert Magnusson, Chief Technology Officer), and is exclusively licensed to RSI from the University of Texas at Arlington.


OncoNano Medicine

OncoNano Medicine is developing a new class of products that exploit pH as a biomarker to diagnose and treat cancer with high specificity. Our product candidates are designed to help patients across the continuum of cancer care and include solid tumor therapeutics, agents for real-time image-guided surgery and therapeutic cancer vaccines.

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