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The Art of Pitching 


CEO and co-founder of Eosera, Inc.

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Elyse Dickerson. CEO, Co-Founder, entrepreneur, mentor, mother, wife, friend, athlete … Simply put, Elyse Dickerson is inspirational. Eosera, a client of TechFW, is a majority woman-owned, biotechnology company specializing in ear care products. Based in Fort Worth, Eosera manufactures all seven of its products in-house. 


The Eosera team practices Conscious Capitalism, a philosophy that companies should do more for their customers, investors, employees and the environment than make money.


Elyse is a master storyteller, especially when confidently pitching her innovative products to investors and consumers. In 2015, she won $50,000 and a business pitch competition; the money fueled the start of Eosera. She continued pitching for funds and raised an additional $1.2 million to begin clinical studies. Today, she will be sharing her best ideas and practices in “The Art of Pitching.”

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