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TechFW Welcomes New Member AmeriBand

In the early 1980s, during the beginning stages of production of Lockheed Martin's F-16 attack aircraft, some difficulties with the original engine were encountered. As a result, Dr. Robert Knezek designed and pushed a new type of engine. Along with Air Force personnel, he convinced General Electric to co-develop the alternate engine that would cost millions of dollars. Dr. Knezek became project manager and together they would produce an innovative engine to fulfill the F-16 needs, which is still in use. The Continuously Variable Displacement (CVD) piston engine is used for a large reduction of fuel in many applications. The engine is simple, compact, lightweight, and can be manufactured at a lower cost than current piston engines in use today. It also has a number of other benefits over current piston engines including lower engine losses, especially at low displacement (low power); no turbochargers, batteries, double power trains, or timing belts/chains. Today, Dr. Knezek and his daughter, Brenda K. Reed, founded AmeriBand LLC, and recently joined TechFW. AspireCVD Engine Technologies is a new concept design featuring a Continuously Variable Displacement (CVD) engine to replace existing combustible engines. The AspiredCVD provides the power of a RAM truck (without the need for turbochargers) and the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. In addition to their 6 patents already assigned, the AspireCVD engine has been patented by Dr. Knezek, inventor and owner of AmeriBand, LLC.


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