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Red Bull Chooses TCU and TechFW as Partners for Red Bull Basement South Summit

TCU and TechFW were chosen as partners and asked to nominate a speaker to represent the ‘Red River’ region (OK and TX) and Elyse Dickerson, CEO and Co-Founder of Eosera, was nominated and accepted the ask to speak.

Elyse Dickerson
Pictured: Elyse Dickerson of Eosera being filmed for her upcoming talk at Red Bull Basement South Summit

At Red Bull Basement South Summit, Elyse will share her incredible story of struggle and success. We are confident she will inspire students at this event.

Eosera, a client of TechFW, is a majority, woman-owned biotechnology company specializing in ear care products and empowering fierce women. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, it manufactures all seven of its products in-house: EARWAX MD®, EARWAX MD® Kids, EAR ITCH MD® NIGHTTIME, WAX BLASTER MD®, and EARWAX PET Ear Cleaner for Dogs™. Eosera also practices Conscious Capitalism, a philosophy with a central principle that companies should do more for their customers, investors, employees and the environment than make money.

Elyse will speak alongside Luke Aikins (consultant for skydiving researchers), Stacy Tarver-Patterson (business consultant), Eric Holt, Steven McClelland and more.

The purpose of the South Summit is to inspire students to consider being entrepreneurs and to submit a business idea for Red Bull Basement. The theme of the South Summit is entrepreneurship and innovation. It will be held Oct. 12-14 virtually.

Red Bull Basement is a global call to action empowering students to develop bold new ideas and implement tech solutions that will make a meaningful impact on their campus and the world.

Students are invited to attend an online launchpad that is tailored to their region through content, speakers, and theme. They will be provided with tools and inspiration throughout the event.

In teams comprised of 1-2, students submit a 1-minute long video through the website describing their idea and plan for community change.

Selected winners will engage with speakers, mentors, and judges in order to bring the concept to life. Other participants will continue to receive inspirational content.

If you want to attend the Red Bull Basement South Summit online virtual event, click here.

If you're a student wanting to submit your idea, click here.


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