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Psoriasis treatment, Prosoria, has been issued patent for 2-step process

Nuvothera, a client of TechFW, has been issued a patent that will allow its revolutionary Prosoria treatment for psoriasis to become a two-step treatment system, replacing the current four-product system.

Elyse Dickerson

The new treatment system includes a treatment gel and a moisturizing and exfoliating cream. It is simpler and quicker to use with the same successful results, and it is predicted to debut in January.

“We improved our treatment system for a more streamlined approach. Simply apply the two products once a day and get everything you need to help clear psoriasis symptoms with lasting results,” said Bev Hope, Nuvothera's Marketing Director.

Nuvothera uses modern pharmaceutical technology and advanced plant science to boost the effectiveness of its over-the-counter healthcare products for difficult-to-treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, warts and nail fungus, and a turmeric-based product for effectively relieving inflammation and joint pain. In addition, a treatment for scalp conditions is scheduled to debut during the second quarter of 2021. There are approximately nine million people in the U.S. with psoriasis and 125 million worldwide. The condition is characterized by dry flaky patches of skin and, similar to rheumatoid arthritis, it is an inherited inflammatory condition and is not contagious.

There is no cure for psoriasis, and it is a health condition that can be difficult to manage and control. For mild-to-moderate psoriasis, the most common treatments are topical creams. If you seek treatment from a dermatologist, you are likely to receive a topical steroid for milder psoriasis. If it is more severe, an oral pill or a biological injection is usually prescribed. “We knew with the advanced pharmaceutical technology we have today that we could make a better and more effective 'over-the-counter' treatment that was safe to use every day,” said Art Clapp, CEO of Nuvothera. "With the proper approach, psoriasis symptoms can be well controlled." Inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis tend to have a cycle of improvement and worsening called flares. Prosoria is an effective, once-daily, over-the-counter psoriasis treatment. It effectively treats, exfoliates and moisturizes to get psoriasis under control, while softening and smoothing skin.


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