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How to Get your Product to Market


CEO at Introvoke

Presented by Bank of America

Get ready for Introvoke inception!


Oana, the Founder of Introvoke, will be using the platform she built to talk about how she built it. 


She left Romania immediately after graduating from high school, graduating with First Class Honors, the Faculty of Business & Marketing from the University of Coventry, and now lives in Boston. Oana Manolache considers that she inherited the entrepreneurial gene from both parents, according to Forbes



"I started Introvoke with my own frustration, which I validated with other entrepreneurs. I was invited to countless events in New York and San Francisco, and although the information I would have gained at these events would have been extremely helpful to me, it did not allow me time to travel. I started contacting these organizations and they were already looking for live streaming platforms, but no solution solves their problem. Facebook, Instagram Live are social networks, not built specifically for events, and other platforms were either extremely expensive, had technological limitations or required live streaming experience to be able to use them. Thus we launched Introvoke in May 2019...” she said. 


Introvoke has two main audiences: companies that organize events or workshops, as well as users who are looking for information of professional interest, either for their business or their career. About 35 organizations that do live streaming and virtual events use the Introvoke platform, as well as over 10,000 users who watch such events, according to Forbes


It has seen rapid growth according to a statement she made last year: "In the last 8 months, we have gained over 10,000 users, our 35 customers have been live with over 150 events on 4 continents - North America, Europe, South America and Africa. We have acquired everything organically, but we plan to increase these numbers exponentially when our marketing campaign is launched this summer. We have built everything so far based on the feedback received from our customers. We launched the subscription financial model in early March, but decided to offer our plans for free until May 1, to help organizations get through and adapt to this difficult period generated by the current pandemic. However, we have contracts signed with our Elite clients for May. We estimate in 12 months to reach revenues of 1 million dollars," Manolache said.



"After I make the exit, I will probably start another company with more social impact, maybe non-profit. Globally, 13% of people are malnourished, of which three million are starving children. It is a major problem that has not yet been solved, ” she said.

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