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Chief Executive Officer

Fort Worth, TX




With a strong foundation built over the last 25 years, we are just getting started.  Looking back, it’s amazing what we’ve been able to do with such a small (but mighty!) team.  We believe we can multiply our impact in Fort Worth by adding resources by developing a long-term comprehensive strategic plan, building awareness around our brand, and aligning ourselves with donors who are invested in our mission. 

Maintaining the quality of our programs and services is paramount as we pursue these new initiatives, so we are adapting our leadership structure from an Executive Director model to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and COO model to accommodate these aspirations.  We are thrilled that our esteemed Executive Director of the past five years, Hayden Blackburn, will become COO and continue to lead operations including service delivery and value creation for the entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and partners we serve.  The newly created CEO position will build upon the established foundation and knowledge to lead strategic planning and execution, creating brand awareness, and fundraising.

TechFW seeks a dynamic and visionary CEO with proven experience in executive leadership and donor relations to successfully guide the organization into the future. With a dedicated staff and a strong Board of Directors, the selected candidate will be well-positioned to make a significant impact in our local community and beyond. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to create positive and strategic relationships with influential leaders and members of the community and an ability to leverage those relationships to enhance the support of TechFW. 

As the CEO of TechFW, you will play a pivotal role in providing economic prosperity in Fort Worth, changing lives globally by supporting innovation and new technology and shaping the future of entrepreneurship in our region. You will provide visionary leadership, strategic direction, and operational oversight to ensure the organization’s continued success. The CEO will report directly to the Board of Directors. Working closely with the Board of Directors, staff, and key stakeholders, you will be responsible for driving the mission, growth, and sustainability of the organization.


  • Strategic Vision & Execution - Ensure the creation and execution of a clear and actionable long-term and short-term comprehensive strategy to make significant and measurable progress toward achieving TechFW’s vision and sustainability while exploring new and innovative solutions to effectively serve entrepreneurs.

  • Fundraising & Development - Create the development strategy and structure (for example, develop alumni programs and long-term partnership opportunities), and actively fundraise and secure capital to increase revenue through enhanced relationships with donors, alumni, corporate sponsors, funders, and community partners.

  • Brand Advancement & Relationship Skills - Increase brand awareness, engagement, and collaboration through effective messaging, intentional community outreach, relationship-building, partnership collaboration, and purposeful calls to action.  Foster and maintain strong relationships with the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem, government agencies, university partners, corporate partners, and other stakeholders to enhance the organization's visibility and impact. In collaboration with the COO, develop and lead advisory boards to establish community ambassadors who will extend our voice and brand.

  • Advocacy - Advocate for policies and initiatives that support technology entrepreneurship and innovation at the local, state, and national levels.

  • Financial & Operational Oversight - Ensure the organization has the proper oversight, internal controls, forecasting, and transparent reporting to maintain/improve fiscal health. Develop a budget that is aligned with the long-term strategic plan and identifies future resources and funding for those resources. Work with CFO to maintain a high level of financial governance and performance.

  • Organizational Leadership - Develop and retain a passionate and talented team and ensure staff members achieve their goals in alignment with overall performance metrics, grow personally and professionally, and report high levels of trust, cohesiveness, and engagement.

  • Board Engagement & Effectiveness - Collaborate with the Board of Directors to provide regular updates on organizational performance, seek input on strategic decisions, and ensure alignment with the board's vision. Coordinate and engage with committee chairs. Co-lead Board recruiting efforts with the Governance & Organization Committee.


  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (MBA or advanced degree is a plus)

  • Executive management experience and a proven track record of leadership in a nonprofit organization, startup, or related field.

  • Experience in major gift cultivation, solicitation, and fundraising principles with proven success in raising significant capital; experience leading a capital campaign and/or raising capital from investors is a plus

  • Experience in developing a long-term strategic plan and managing execution, including developing and tracking progress toward measurable goals and successfully aligning a team toward a shared vision

  • Experience working collaboratively with a Board of Directors, providing motivational leadership to a team, and engaging stakeholders

  • Excellent communication, networking, and public speaking skills.

  • Financial acumen and budget management experience

  • A strong network of contacts in Fort Worth and North Texas. Deep knowledge of the local business community is a plus

  • Passion for creating an impact, driving innovation, and supporting technology entrepreneurs


About TechFW:

Founded in 1998, TechFW is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization dedicated to bringing economic prosperity to Fort Worth by fostering innovation and empowering technology entrepreneurs to drive positive change in our community and beyond. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, resources, and guidance to entrepreneurial startups, enabling them to scale into multimillion-dollar companies and make a lasting impact on society. 

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