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4:45-5 PM

Building a Board &

Getting the Most Value


Co-Founder and President of Arsenic

Amanda Micallef is the Co-Founder & President at Arsenic, a submission-based digital platform magazine. It's youth-driven, provocative lifestyle format has given it incredible strength amongst millennials.


Before Arsenic, Amanda spent 12 years as a producer of more than 20 film, music video and commercial productions; she was responsible for all aspects of the projects, from inception through distribution. Amanda is a board member of Jamak (the largest privately owned, international silicone manufacturing company in the U.S.), Reata Restaurant Management Group and four other boards with holdings in real estate, manufacturing and automotive. 


With her experience of having a board(s) and being a member of boards, we are excited for you to hear her perspectives about “Building Boards: Advisory and Directors.”

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