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The 2019 TechFW Impact Showcase


TechFW is curating a night to remember on May 14th for our 2019 Impact Showcase presented by Comerica Bank. There is a bit of "what if ... " in most of us. In our mind, we dream a new design, a game-changing breakthrough or THE better mousetrap. "What if ..." it were you that were inspired to make that impact? Celebrate with TechFW during a May 14th reception as we present the sixth annual Impact Showcase of inspirational and exciting client startups. More than 35 companies and universities will share their dream of how they are commercializing innovative technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow. Three will be honored during our Impact Awards luncheon this Fall.

The Impact Showcase, a one-night-only exhibit of 35+ startups and innovators pushing technology forward, is centered around the goal of speeding up innovation by tapping into the social system. Because at its core, ideas spread only when shared. The showcase provides the opportunity for all, from the enthusiasts to the skeptics, to connect with the minds and teams launching new technology ventures and hear where they are headed with solutions that are solving real-world problems.

The Showcase -- a free event -- is your chance to get to know them up close. Be inspired. Get inspired.