M-Crew Mentorship Program is Helping Founders Get ahead

Behind every successful company is a team of mentors, advisers, supporters and champions. A good support system can help guide an entrepreneur through some of the most difficult times and overcome some big obstacles. At TechFW, we champion the power of mentorship and started M-Crew, a program designed around a team of mentors with diverse experiences working with one company over a six-month period and focusing on their central barriers to growth and success.

Since the 2017 inception of M-Crew, our mentors voluntarily have given 480 hours of time, which doesn't include private sessions our mentors might have offered. Giving before you get is a core value of our organization and all of the mentors in this program exemplify that value. You would think that it would be hard to find professionals who share that belief, but it really hasn’t been. Ours is a community of people who have found success in their lives and are willing and able to give their time to help others succeed.


Now to meet the companies and mentors of the fourth cohort of the M-Crew program.

Mentoring is all about sharing your experience and giving honest feedback but being very supportive of what an entrepreneur is going through. It’s trying to help them solve their challenges without taking too much control or trying to manage the outcome for them.
— Hope Kahan, Independent Consultant

Up first, Nanoscope Technologies. Pictured here with the Nanoscope team members are mentors Sunny Lowe, Hope Kahan, Al Guillem and Ab DeWeese. This M-Crew has a diverse background of experience from biotech to talent development to IT. Nanoscope has developed a range of bio-medical technologies that include diagnostics and therapeutic devices and molecules so this M-Crew is perfectly poised to help them make progress.

Mentoring is being a sounding board. It’s not being overbearing or overwhelming. It’s being someone with whom you can share your concerns with and look for guidance when you are at a crossroads and you need to make some heavy decisions.
— Al Guillem, CEO of Renibus Therapeutics

Our second M-Crew team is working with Clarity Chair, a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for brain function problems. The M-Crew team pictured here from left to right is Clint Reese, John Burt, Nikole Dickman, Logan Speights and Andrew Chalk. This M-Crew is filled with entrepreneurs, technology leaders, consultants and even a stand-up comedian! Imagine the progress this team is going to make, and not to mention the laughs that’ll be had.

We get just as much out of these meetings as the entrepreneurs do. I’m better at what I do because of M-Crew.
— Logan Speights, Founder & CTO at Triple Eights

Our third M-Crew team is working with Smart Counseling, an online platform that connects patients to therapists. The M-Crew team consists of Tim Pileggi, Randy Roberson, Caroline Harrisonand Chuck Bouligny. This diverse group of mentors has expertise in marketing, sales, finance and law. It’s safe to say that Smart Counseling is in good hands.

I learn every time I come into the room. We start talking about these problems the entrepreneurs are having and we have to sit there and figure it out. And that helps us, too.
— Randy Roberson, President of Sandler Training of Fort Worth

There is power in a network and we believe in making advantageous connections. M-Crew is the ultimate connector. Everybody wins. The entrepreneurs receive the help they need to further their businesses and the mentors get a chance to give back and at the same time learn from the entrepreneurs and each other. TechFW strives to create an environment and program for “a-ha” moments,  but know that people are where it starts when it comes to helping.

Here are our most up-to-date M-Crew stats:

M-Crew has had a substantial impact upon SolGro and myself personally. The wide range of expertise and skill sets offered has enabled SolGro to look deeper at all aspects of our business practices including our pricing model, sales process, marketing strategy and operations. M-Crew has also greatly improved my personal growth as a founder, helping to focus where I bring the greatest value to the company and how to implement processes to make the limited time in a day as effective as possible.
— Tyler Sickels, CEO of SolGro, M-Crew Cohort 3

Do you know a high-level thinker who's a mentor to you or someone you feel would be a great addition to our M-Crew? Maybe that's you! We want to meet our next mentors.

Click here to learn more about our M-Crew program and team and apply to get involved. We look forward to growing our network of those that are passionate about growing our startup ecosystem.